Joyful Loving

Relationship Coach  


Contact:      j[email protected]  or 888-358-8789

Juey Ann MacLeod 

Juey Ann facilitates new adventures in loving and healing in Lacombe, Red Deer, Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta Canada. From time to time she has shared her skills for reaching joy in Vancouver, BC; Fort Collins, Boulder and Colorado Springs, Colorado.



A StudentÂ’s Perspective


I would consider Juey Ann to be one part mystic and metaphysical, one part structural (that is, mistress [master] of her subjects) and one part love (the human heart connected to Divine Source).


Another way to say it might be that Juey Ann draws on her mastery of metaphysical subjects with intellectual clarity and facilitates the integration of techniques with a tangible connection to love and Source.


~ Sandy, Alberta Canada

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