Joyful Loving

Relationship Coach  

title   Empower Your Goddess


Inside of us all is a power that has long been suppressed.    Let Juey Ann help you find and relight that flame of your inner Goddess.  In doing this, you will find a renewed passion for life and love.

Recognize your inner Goddess who holds the keys to life?s harmony, your creativity, and  most of all yourself. Reclaim the power you have long since given to others.


Within this series workshops you will discover how to:

Light the flame of passion

?Live your life to the fullest

Empower and captivate those around you

Feel passion is power (stop hiding it!)

Be proud of the woman within

?Let the flame/aliveness emerge

Let your passion/fire touch all aspects of your life

Feel the warmth ? become the Goddess




Become the woman you see on the street that catches your eye and makes you smile and admire. You know this woman because she sparks that little voice inside of you that says ?I want to be like her? to shine, to feel good about myself the way she does, to take back the power of my Goddess!


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