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Sexual abuse affects our lives in such  many ways that are originally hard to recognize.  They can be the invisible walls that hold us back from trusting, opening to the intimacy that we truly desire, being comfortable with our feelings, being in touch with our bodies and believing we deserve to be happy.  Many sexual abuse survivors:  attract unhealthy relationships, can be very light sleepers,  are A type personalities and often stressed, programed for burn-out, unable to talk to the opposite sex, have a temper and built up rage, unable to stand-up for themselves.

Guilt and shame felt by the survivor often create patterns of self abuse.  It is as though unconsciously the victim believes at some level, they "need to be abused".  Then the pattern of the original abuser is continued.

 For first 15 years of my life, incest was usually a daily incident. I have worked through abuse and now understand and embrace the "gifts" that I acquired through my ability to survive. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual abuse I endured help me understand the feelings of very unique experiences of my clients 


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