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Is Sex Fun?

Posted by jueyann on October 27, 2009 at 5:23 PM

Is Sex Fun? 

Are you one of the many people who:

1)    Does not enjoy sex?

2)    Can’t feel your body’s response to touch?  

3)    Obsess in reaching the big “O” (orgasm)?

4)    Feels ashamed, just wants to please your partner 

        get it over with?

5)    Thinks sexual foreplay is only physical touch?  

        Foreplay begins in the bedroom?

6)    Thinks sex is serious?

Other cultures for many centuries have known the answers to these questions - “of course not”.  So why are the majority in the West answering “yes”? 

What can you do to change?  The answer is Tantra! Tantra is incorporated in a weekend workshop that leads couples in a gentle, safe way learning options that can change all those questions to “no” or “of course not”.(No, there is no nudity, all that is learned in class is practiced by the couples in the privacy of their rooms the evenings of the class –we call it Homeplay!)

What can I do right now you ask? 

 Many things:

1) Know the brain is the largest sex organ in our bodies – how sexual you think you are is how sexual you will be!


2)Give up the goal of the big “O” and just be in

    the moment.         

3) Make giving or receiving touch exciting (don’t know 

     how – come to Tantra)  

4) Know that foreplay (for women especially) is not only physical touch.  Words of caring, special looks, act of kindness are a few powerful forms of foreplay!


5) Put creativity into being together – do something 

     new and different for you:

a) dancing in the nude or lightly clad;

b) wearing costumes while eating and take on the role;

c) write out fantasies and take turns reading them to 

     each other; 

d) make a date at an unusual time of day (for your

     lifestyle) - create spark, excitement and   anticipation.


Yes, Tantra is about having fun!  Come and experience Loving 101 a one-day course:   

1) Help you understand what form of expression makes you and your partner feel most loved!  

2) Explore the many techniques of Romancing!

3) Discover how to bring more Intimacy into your relationship!


This pre-Tantra class is an easy opportunity to become aware of a few of the techniques to create a more fun filled relationship. 


(Orginally published in The Source Magazine)



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