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Romance Every Day!

Posted by jueyann on October 13, 2009 at 5:11 PM

Experience Romance Every Day!  


Each year with Valentine Day celebrations we all think about ROMANCE  and most of us wish that it would be as present through out the year.


It wasn’t until I studied Tantra that I understood the real win in romance.  Women approach loving from the heart and romance acknowledges this aspect of their being.  Romance is also a way to establish trust.  For women this is extremely important because they are ultimately going to invite someone into their bodies if this relationship becomes sexual.  In a new relationship romance allows a both people to build trust by getting to know how caring, attentive and aware the other is. 


Many times the romance dwindles when the relationship becomes long-term.Tantra teaches romantic techniques to keep the “attraction simmering” so focus can be on the whole woman or man and the richness of the relationship and not just the sexual part of their beings.  For some men this thought will be new because the physical aspect is all they have been taught.


Can you remember the most romantic experience in your life? Yes!  What were the elements or components that make the event so vivid?  Remember how you felt because of those things. Ah! When I look back at my experiences they were sprinkled with thoughtfulness and had an element of surprise.  My partner always seemed to be in a creative mode putting together an appreciation and/or celebration that was subtle all the way up to flamboyant.  Each time I was touched by the romantic action and felt that 100% focus was given to some small detail of who I am.  I felt so special and my heart opened.  To clarify, lets use the example of the man who buys flowers for his wife,picks out her favorite color and favorite flowers then hands them to her with a look of love on his face and says a few well thought-out words.  Compare this to another man who buys red roses without thinking whether she likes roses or if red is her favorite color and gives them to her because it is Valentines Day and that is “what you do” not “why you want to do it”.   Which gift of flowers would leave you feeling more romanced?


Men also enjoy romance directed toward them -  a special note in their lunch kit or  a simple email sent to them at work that says how you feel about them or  simply an appreciation of some little thing they did for you or how they are there for you or  . . . . !  Many women are surprised to find out how important it is to a man to be appreciated


Do you think your man would like a flower on his plate or pillow or would he like an arrangement sent to him?  I remember sending flowers to a lover’s home. He phoned me in tears of awe and joy.  He loved flowers and had sent so many but this was his first time to receive.


As you know, it is the little things and the thought that counts.  Receiving romance is an excellent way for a partner to learn to romance.  What list of little things could you do to spread romance though out 2003?Learning Tantra could expand your idea of romance, taking your relationship to new and exciting heights.


 (As orginally published in The Source Magazine, Dec 2002)


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