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YIN and YANG - Freeing The Way To Joy

Posted by jueyann on September 27, 2009 at 5:13 PM

YIN AND YANG – Freeing the Way to Joy


“Tantric theory advances co-operative, mutually liberative relationships between women and men.” 

  Passionate Enlightenment   by Miranda Shaw


Yinand Yang, two words that have wandered into our vocabulary from theChinese philosophy representing the many elements of the female andmale principles of the universe.  Yin principleis described as intuition, softness or yielding, absence of light,passive and receiving. While Yang principle represents hardness orstrength, presence of light, action and giving.  Thesymbol of the circle with an “S” dividing it (as above) and the twodots (I see as acceptance of the opposite) represents these principlesin prefect balance.


Theword balance is nothing new to all of us in the year 2002, but have youever thought of applying the concept to your kisses, touch or otherareas of your intimate relationship?


Tantra masters of ancient India had a theory that one could not fully, consciously receive, or give if they were giving or receiving at the same time.  When I first heard this I thought ~ “Is that possible?” Are you asking yourself the same thing?  Test it out and try the following adventure!


1. Ask your partner to listen to all the steps

2. Decide who will be the first receiver and who will be the first person to do the kissing – proceed

3. When you are receiving – do just that as totally as you can by living in the feel of it in the moment

4. Now switch roles by adding in a short in and out breathe pause at the change – this allows the sensation to expand and cue the other person 

5. Introduce all the different pressures you can think of

6. Change roles

7. Combine with the 7 different types of kisses (can’t get 7 – come to tantra class)

8. Keep changing roles


What did the changing between receiving and giving create? Did you become more aware of anything ~ what?  Was this different than your usual kisses ~ in what way?  Do you feel that both giving and receiving are equally important? Did theadventure feel like true partnership – an equal arrangement?


This Yin and Yang concept can be applied to everyday interaction in all relationships.  When one adopts the theory of Yin and Yang, then giving and receiving builds equality.  Many people rule their lives by winning or control where the other person involved feels less than and/or controlled.


What about taking action in a situation?  As one person takes action or Yang position and the other openly accepts the Yin position ~ the energy in the situation changes.  When both know the importance of the action of stillness or receiving, an awareness happens and the energy of acceptance for self and the other person flows.  Coupled with this is the knowing that roles continuously change and each is of equal importance.  As acceptance of the importance of Yin happens  ~ flow, creativity and joy have room to grow.


Tantra draws on the Yin and Yang principle in all areas of intimacy ~ kissing,touch and sexuality and the result is greater closeness, more awareness, heightened romance, more fun and much more joy!


(As published in The Source Magazine)



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