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Occupational Challenged Relationship?

Posted by jueyann on October 27, 2009 at 5:24 PM

Are Your Relationships Occupational Challenged?


Occupational challenges occur in relationship when couples are absent from their homes and partners for extended length of time on a constant basis.


“Does this sound like your life?”

        a) Hotel food for days at a time

        b) Conversation broken by lost cell signal

      c) Lumpy motel beds

·       d) Sleeping in stale air in motel rooms

        e) Home long enough to sleep only

·        f) Missed your child’s first step or first word

·       g) Absent for more Christmas’s than home for

·        h) Spend Anniversaries apart

·        i) Missed your children’s birthdays

·        j) Missed children’s special events

·        k) Spending time in lounges longing to be in the

            comfort of your family

·        l) Children question your fit in the family      

·       m) Conversations become stilted – don’t feel connected


“Home for days off and your feel like a visitor in your own home???”



Would you prefer this life?

·        Exciting enthusiastic conversation

·        Welcoming home coming

·        In-tune with family activities

·        Harmony thriving with daily communication


You ask HOW?  In The Art of Joy-full Loving seminar, you will  learn ways to be with each other - even while apart - that can make these wishes a reality and part ofyour life.  Yes, many of the tools can be applied in relationships with children as well as partners.   


(Orginally published in The Source Magazine)

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