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Posted by jueyann on October 27, 2009 at 5:21 PM

Passionate Goddess Energy for Every Woman


Yes, goddess energy is for every woman, but do you know what goddess energy is, or how to enhance it or use it all parts of your life?    


Have you ever felt so very sure of your feminine soft-side? Have you felt totally sensual? Outside of the bedroom?  Have you ever had a burst of energy that takes you on a creative journey where you feel Alive?  Energized?  Peaceful? Fulfilled? Passionate about Life?These are all qualities of this feminine force that we call Shakti (pronounced shock-tea) in Tantra.


Our sensual sexual energy is the same energy as our creative energy and both reside in the energy center just above the pubic bone called the “2nd or sacral charka.  We all have a choice on which application we choose in the moment.  Or perhaps both at the same time!


Our “Western Sexual Culture” has not allowed the embracing of sexual energy as a necessary force for longevity, physical health, emotional and spiritual well-being like the teachings of Taoist, Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, East Indians and manymore cultures over the centuries. We are exposed to sexual expression every time we turn on the TV or pick up a magazine.  It is well known phrase “sex sells”.  Yet, for some reason shame is still attached to sexual expression.  Is this a double standard or are we being provoked to have a good look at how to have a healthier, longer life?  Is this not the wish of many; the baby boomers, health advocates and all of us . . . a healthier, longer life???  


Many women have been taught that bringing out our sexuality is the responsibility of our partners. Do we think our creativity is their responsibility as well? Now, that you understand it is the same energy, does this argument still hold true?  I teach the powerful ancient Shakti Bliss Breathing Techniques in my Passion workshops.  Many of my students have made testimonials that the daily practice of theShakti Bliss Breathing has enhanced their energy. People often remark on their energy -  saying they “glow”.


Is it time for you to increase you awareness of your energy field, embace it, enhance it and use this knowledge moment-to-moment in your dailylife?


Would you like to have people say you glow?  What would this do for the level of your charisma? Your life?  Your business? Could this attract that special someone into your life?  Or create a special "sizzle" in your relationship?


Join me for a Passion class and experience the Exercises of the Ancients to discover, embrace and amplify your Goddess Energy!


(Orginally published in The Source Magazine) 


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