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Quotes Hi JueyAnn, A fantastically challenging day. Juey Ann has an innate ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with her energy and presence felt throughout the room. Having no preconceived notions myself, I came to the workshop with an open mind and through the course of one day witnessed some amazing breakthroughs not only in myself but also in the goddesses around me. A day filled with tears, laughter, connection, healing and most importantly, the hope and promise that once on this path, you are unstoppable. -Jocelyn Quotes
Discover Your Goddess
Insight from a Rejuventated Goddess

Quotes I found the course very enlightening. The one thing that really shined for me was the multi-orgasmic knowledge and heart-to-heart loving techniques. Juey Ann was wonderful to work with and she held my attention for the whole day. She is very knowledgeable with her teachings and I highly recommend her. Quotes
Henry, age 46, Red Deer - Auto Accessory Shop Owner
Male Mastery Participant

Quotes I would very much like to thank you for the course called Tantra (Art of JOY-full Loving). I never realized that I had so many hang-ups about sex! My body, my life & love! With this course, I feel I am now in line with the true feelings of my body and soul as well as my partner's body and soul. It is a way of no one is in control, which removes all pressures, all thinking, and all worry. It's letting your lover truly enter your heart and you enter hers. True love now grows and blossoms and love takes on a new and higher meaning and fulfillment in one's life. Quotes
Mr. Gerry of Calgary AB - Retiring Executive Oil Industry
Art of Joyfulloving Workshop Participant

Quotes Bar none Art of JOY-full Loving is the best improvement to our marriage and we have tried many things. I have a totally different understanding of women, and I have an expanded view of sex. Quotes
Mr. S, Lacombe AB - in Oil Refinery Construction
Art of Joyfulloving Workshop Participant

Quotes I now have the husband/man of my dreams?one who is respectful and connected completely to my emotions and needs Quotes
Ms S Lacombe AB
Art of Joyfulloving Participant

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