Joyful Loving

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The Art of Joyful Loving

Many of us go to workshops to expand our abilities for our jobs, hobbies, parenting but it does not even enter our consciousness to look at the most important portion of our lives our intimate relationship.

 The purpose of this workshop is to guide couples into the exciting realm of deep connection.  Showing ancient simple ways to experience connection on the mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual level that brings more joy, deeper love and an amazing amount of energy to your lives.

We supply information and techniques that answer these questions and more:

  • What did sex education class leave out?
  • How does a man become multi-orgasmic?
  • What is the average amount of foreplay required for a woman?
  • What are love languages?
  • How does your love languages affect your relationship?
  • What is the difference between sex, love and sexual love?
  • What stops you from putting "your love" first?
  • What are the different ways women and men communicate and why?
  • What are the fun ways to communicate?
  • How to massage with total awareness?
  • How to give your relationship a boost of juice/passion/romance?
  • How to create real quality in the limited time you have to be together?   
  • What are the simple ways to cut through the angst of the past and feel your hearts completely open to each other?   Start to fall in love all over again!

The class is set up to look at optional ways you may wish to bring into your relationship.  We have been asked if couples come and speak about past issues - the answer is no, if you wish to speak about them come and see us for a coaching session.

The information you learn in class is practiced in the evening in the comfort of your room we call it home play (optional).

To ensure a safe environment a signature to a non-disclosure statement is required.  No nudity in the classroom and you share the exercises with your partner. 




My husband and I would again like to express our thanks to you for such a "wonder-ous" weekend.  We are both so very happy we decided to attend.  For our relationship, the decision to do so was 'a best ever'.     R of Red Deer

"I now have the husband/man of my dreams?one who is respectful and connected completely to my emotions and needs."

Ms. S,  Lacombe

"Bar none Tantra is the best improvement to our marriage and we have tried many things.  I have a totally different understanding of women, and I have an expanded view of sex."

Mr. S,  Lacombe

 "I would very much like to thank you for the couples course.   I never realized that I had so many hang-ups about sex, my body, my life & love.  With this course I feel I am now in line with the true feelings of my body and soul as well as my partner's body and soul.  It is a way of no one is in control, which removes all pressures, all thinking, and all worry.  It's letting your lover truly enter your heart and you enter hers.  True love now grows and blossoms and love takes on a new and higher meaning and fulfillment in one's life.

Gerry from Calgary

"Not only does Juey Ann know her topic - she lives it!  What an infectious invitation that is to partake in joyful intimacy.  I promptly fell head over heels in love with my husband of 20 years. When we finished the class, sparks jumped between us for weeks."

 Her husband says: "Best money I ever spent on a weekend!"    S & S of Red Deer

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