Joyful Loving

Relationship Coach  

Passion Series for Women

 Light Your "Shakti" - Your Creative and Sexual Fire! 

You (as a woman) have been historical taught to diminish your sexual nature.  When one part of you has been unconsciously or consciously shut down it causes a shut down of your personal power. It can be compared to being a little bit pregnant, it is either a yes or no answer. 

As you learn to accept, honor and embrace your sexual nature you will:
  • Have more Energy,
  • Add Sparkle to your Charisma,
  • Increase your attraction factor,
  • Experience more Joy,
  • Enjoy more Passion and Energy for life!
This three part series is three one day workshops about three weeks apart.  Join me for adventure and fun in a safe(with no nudity, confidentiality agreement) circle of maximum of 9 women. 




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