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Interview with Juey Ann

Interview with Juey Ann


A Joyful Name of Love

Juey is a term of endearment that Juey Ann’s Grandfather called her Grandmother. It so delighted her parents they gave it to Juey Ann as her legal name.


Juey Ann, A Modern-Day Joy Peddler


Some people are born in this world as natural teachers. Juey Ann is one of them. When she was four, she knew she was here to teach love. She spent most of her young life showing others how to pretend and follow their imaginations, an exercise that leads to many zany and delightful adventures. In her adult life, this wealth of talent became focused. She turned her teaching skills to the practical and in 1984 began training others in computers and business. Since then, though the subject matter has greatly changed(!), she has never strayed from her teaching path. In 1991, after several classes on Ayurvedic massage and Lomi-Lomi (a form of Hawaiian Massage), Juey Ann felt moved by her experience of healing and touch. She clearly saw the importance of receiving Love directly into the body and understood that not just children, the grieving or the elderly, but everyone needs to be touched. Thus motivated by her heart, Juey Ann taught couples massage on weekends.


Teaching in an area that truly spoke to her opened the door to Juey Ann’s future. She found great value in leading others through experiential learning and discovered a deep sense of fulfillment in making a difference—using her natural skills to co-create a beautiful experience with class participants. She also realized that it is not actually her who does the healing, that she is simply a conduit through which Spirit moves. Honoring this realization, she calls herself a healing facilitator rather than a healer.


One of Juey Ann’s greatest gifts is her intuition. All of her life she has had intuitive experiences—the ability to "see" auras and “read” people’s body energies, to understand the energy of her surroundings and to “know” about something past or future. She has become adept at listening to the “wise voice in her head.” In 1996 it was a natural step to begin teaching classes on the subject. She then further melded this intuitive sense with her healing touch experiences and became a Reiki master in 1997. This was followed in 1999 by becoming a Reiki teacher.


In October 1998, the energies of the universe conspired to bring Juey Ann to Tantra. It was here that she realized the culmination of her talents and she instantly realized teaching Tantra was her true path.


Once her way was clear, Juey Anne decided to give full life to her passions. In 1999 she retired from her position as Chief Financial Officer and part owner of a mid-sized Vancouver industrial firm to teach Tantra and other healing modalities full time.


Now, many years into her career as a multi-talented teacher and healing facilitator, Juey Ann shares the insights her path has taught her.


Q: Since intuition is such an important part of your work, could you tell us a little more about it?

A: I never had anyone tell me anything negative about my intuitive skills so I retained them from birth. Then, at age six, I honed these skills to stay alive after having two near-death experiences. During sexual abuse counseling as an adult, I remembered these experiences and came to appreciate the strong intuitive gifts I had acquired while growing up.


When I was 49, I discovered the depth and width of my intuitive abilities while studying Intuitive Development with Carol Parrish-Harra at Santa Sophia Seminary in Tehlequah, Oklahoma. Up to that point, I’d taken most of what I could do for granted. Those classes showed me that what I’d considered “just me” were actually unique skills. Under Carol’s loving guidance, I learned ways to identify and expand not only mine, but other’s intuitive gifts. This opened up a whole new world for me.


In 1999, my intuitive skills were further enhanced while on a spiritual journey to the Reiki Mountain, Mt. Kumara, in Japan. Amazing things happened on that special mountain, and I was blessed with additional and expanded sight. When I opened my eyes after meditation, I could literally see the energy coming off the bird’s wings, the leaves of the trees, the grasses. I could see it moving in the wind. I now use this gift in what I call Angel Eye Healing. As a result of my experiences, I am a person who can see, taste, smell, hear and feel with my sixth sense.


Q: Was it a natural step to turn what you know instinctively into a class on intuition?

A: Yes. I created the Intuitive class because it is so simple for me. I’ve also received instruction from Spirit to go and teach—as I have the ability to "see" when people are using their intuitive abilities, and I’ve been given the knowledge how to expand what they are doing.


Plus, people want to learn! Everyone is amazed by what I can "see" and want to know how to do it, too. It is my true joy to show them.


Q: What is your teaching style?

A: It depends on what the moment calls for. Students find me relaxed, gentle and compassionate while also enthusiastic, passionate and playful. I am authentic with my feelings, aware and connected to Spirit. I have a natural ability to move with the flow, respond to the action and directly answer the questions.


Basically, I am easy to be with, approachable and comfortable. People often tell me that they automatically trust me. (I, in return, am honored.) I think what they are sensing is my openness to Spirit. I feel Spirit’s flow, can feel It moving in my body, forming my thoughts, teaching through me. I’m not saying I’m channeling, just that I am in touch.


My enthusiasm is contagious. I love and know my subjects with passion and have a zest for life that attracts others. Some claim I glow. I’d say this glow comes from being honed—tempered by Life itself. I’ve walked many miles on my journey of inner growth and have an understanding of the pain that most of us carry. In this way my life and family situation have been my greatest teachers. I’ve learned great compassion for myself and others as well as the certainty that we can joyfully move beyond pain and embrace the gifts of any situation.


Most importantly, I have learned that we have all of our own answers. But I also know we sometimes need others to help, to give us a different perspective and bring in additional information that will facilitate our growth. This eases our way and allows our inner selves to be revealed. Each one of us is unique and has our own special forms of intuition. I love assisting people to discover their gifts, to become more of who they are. This is what I mean when I say I am a coach or a facilitator, not a healer. I encourage a person’s spiritual garden to grow, but each individual has already planted the seeds.


Q: What can students expect in regard to open sexuality and nudity?

A: This brand of Tantra is safe and tasteful, with great respect for the feelings of each class participant. Mine is a spiritual approach, appropriately incorporating the mystical and sacred (as well as practical and fun!).  There is no nudity or explicit sexuality. This is not to say sexuality is dismissed, it is just not openly expressed in class. 


Q: Why do you teach Tantra/The Art of Joyful Loving?

A: Tantra is my passion! Upon completion of my first workshop, I knew that the Tantra form of Love fit the picture I had when I was four years old. I clearly feel it is what I have been put on this planet to teach. Part of the passion is to see people becoming MORE—more connected to self, to Spirit, to their inner power, to each other, to their basic desire for life. When I see someone connect, they light up like a light bulb, and I know I have helped another angel find a pair of wings. We all have wings. It’s just that not all of us know we can fly.


Q: You mentioned the universe “conspired” to bring you to Tantra. How did this happen?

A: In the fall of 1997 I was cleaning up the effects of sexual abuse from my body during a physical therapy visit—at an office with paper thin walls. The practitioner was gently performing a cranial therapy called visceral manipulation. The healing energy she was using struck the emotional pain I was harboring and made me want to release my emotions, but it was not the appropriate place. After the session I walked to the edge of the Pacific Ocean and declared to Spirit, "There must be a healing modality that I could learn to help people like me remove this type of pain from their bodies completely." In February of 1998 I heard about Tantra, and in October I discovered Tantra was the answer to my question. Tantra literally changed my life.


Q: What do you want your Art of Joyful Loving/Tantra students to learn?

A: To me, Tantra means weaving energy . My classes show how to weave at all levels—the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. With this weaving, I teach ways to create deeper and deeper connections. The environment in class is such that students are able to experience joy, and, once this is felt, learn how to give birth to more joy in their lives. I lead them through an experience where they find ways to honor and accept their unique bodies and that of their Beloveds'; to behold them with reverence for the beauty they are, right now and in the moment. As a result, students become excited about practicing and enhancing their relationships, in developing new forms of communication along with romance and intimacy. They find their own style of love language, their own ways of expressing affection and passion. They then discover how to expand beyond what they have just learned.


Tantra is based on the sharing of energy. To know the basics of Tantra is to know how it touches all parts of life and to be excited about it.


Q: Who would be your ideal student?

A: The ideal student would be a person who is  looking to:

·        Open up to their true potential and inner power,

·        Fill in the blanks about their sensuality and sexuality,

·        Deepen their connection with Self and others at a more intimate level

         Enhance self-love that includes connection to Spirit.

·        In short, the person who wants it all!


Q: If people come as a couple, what are you looking for?

A: The ideal couple for Tantra would be people who are:

·        Wondering, "Is there something more?"

·        Looking for more connection;

·        Willing to go the distance to have their wildest dreams about their love come true;


·        Looking for more zest, passion and creativity;

·        Knowing that opening their inner energies will open them to all that truly is.

·        In other words, couples who want it all!


Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking the course?

A:  In Tantra, we say there are two main requirements: You are present (being in the moment) and you show up (as in, willing to be as real as you can with what is happening). I ask that you arrive on time with an attitude of respect and consideration, kindness and acceptance. I ask that you leave your judgment at the door when you walk through. I also ask that you are open to an experience that may be different than others you have known—that you have a willingness to be authentic and receptive.


Q: What do students take away from the workshop?

A: These are “how to” classes where students learn to bring more joy into their lives. They will learn all of the following and more:

·        A knowledge of their bodies,

·        Powerful practices to enhance their energy levels,

·        Expanded creativity

·        More charisma

·        Joy in their sexual experiences.






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